Why choose us?

We have created a skilled and experienced team devoted to the treatment of children with arthrogryposis which is unique in  Poland,  made up of specialists in orthopaedic paediatrics, rehabilitation, and orthotics (with customised orthopaedic supplies).

We offer comprehensive treatment in one hospital (operations, rehabilitation, and orthopaedic supplies).

We have the capability to conduct so-called early rehabilitative intervention in newborns and infants, as well as pre- and post-operative physiotherapy both in in-patient and out-patient modes.

For every patient we develop an individual treatment strategy and timeline.

We create high-quality orthoses, custom designed for the needs of the patient, the costs of which are covered by the National Health Fund. Measurments are taken in the operating theatre, after corrective surgery of during walk-in visits, supervised by the specialist staff.

All costs of treatment at our Centre, including essential orthoses, are refunded by the National Health Fund.

We conduct genetic consultations and testing.

We conduct safe treatment of our patients in on of the largest and most important children's hospitals with a broad array of specialities , with extensive diagnostic facilities and with the possibility to conduct consultations across all paediatric disciplines, with modern intensive care wards and  operating theatre.

A professional team of specialists

Access to state-of-the-art technology

The best specialist hospital

High quality orthoses